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Things You Can Do To Feel Great From Within



Things You Can Do To Feel Great From Within


This is one sure-fire way to make you feel good, and not just with the outside world but within yourself. Essentially, if you meditate in the morning (5 or 10 minutes is all you need) you can fully center yourself and think of the day ahead. Knowing you are prepared for whatever happens. You will have got all of your inner emotions in check, and your intentions set. So, the day will be in your control, and you will be able to choose the sort of day you want.

Action To Take:

There are many forms of meditation, but one thing they all have in common is the ability to make you feel good on the inside. Your positive outlook on life will increase, as you think more positive thoughts, then more positive opportunities will come your way. When you look at the word in a positive way, you start to see yourself in a positive way, and this leads to an increase in your self-confidence.


Yoga, much like meditation can make you feel good within yourself, your thoughts and concentration are internal, and can help you to connect your mind and body as one. It can help guide your focus and thoughts and relieve any tensions you have building up inside as you are taught to just breathe and relax. Your feelings may come under scrutiny, what are you feeling at that moment? Without judgment, are you feeling content, anxious, sad or grateful? There is too much time being spent on thinking, rather than feeling. Sense how you feel during yoga practice.

Action To Take:

Yoga, when practiced with meditation, can lead to inner strength, because while learning to breathe and relax you do this while completing a difficult posture. This can help you breathe in difficult situations, stretching your limbs to your limit without any comparison of others. Additionally, this leads to an attitude to do your best in any situation and then just let go, this also helps reduce the effects of stressful situations. When you become physically flexible, your mental flexibility can also increase.


Having a healthy diet can do wonders for your body, and it can also do wonders for your mind. A healthy diet of fresh vegetables and fruits, a constant supply of Omega-3, serotonin, iron, and folate will raise your inner spirit levels to a new high. Although Vitamin D is found in foods, the ideal way to get the required amounts is by soaking up the sun’s rays.

Action To Take:

By following a healthy eating plan, you will have no need for food supplements, as there are more than enough in vegetables, fruits, and nuts available. It is advisable to limit the intake of red meats and increase your intake of poultry, fish, and seafood, which are proven to be much healthier alternatives.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can be used to great effect, and these are your own positive statements that describe your desired goals or situations. So these you repeat often until they become planted into your subconscious where they will work to enable your desires to come true. These can be very beneficial when used correctly to achieve success and give life improvement. Most of the time, many people think and repeat negative words, but it is said that this can affect their life and even bring about undesirable situations. Words can work in two directions, to destroy something or to build, and it is how we choose to use them that determines if we can succeed or fail.

Action To Take:

Think about what you are thinking and repeating to yourself. Generally speaking, if you find yourself thinking, I can’t do this, I am going to fail, then you have nothing to lose by changing these to I can do this, and I will not fail. Just repeat affirmations at regular intervals until you no longer have to consciously think these, and they will be a habit. Then your subconscious can take over.

Believe in Yourself

All of the above, regardless of the method, all lead to self-belief. For these to work, you really have to believe in yourself, and no method or teachings can make that happen, that is down to you. To build on top of these methods there are a few things that can help with your self-belief.

Action To Take:

Identify and nullify your doubts – When you start to think, you can’t – think positive that “I Can.

Don’t Listen to negative people.

Allow yourself to try and try again.

Trust yourself – don’t be your own worst enemy, and give yourself some credit.

At the end of the day, self-doubts are only thoughts, don’t fear them as they are not what will physically happen in your future.

You can manifest a happy life when you simply choose to do so!

Maria Banfield

Fortune favours the brave
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