What Are You Doing With Your Time

The excuses of the masses who justify their current situation is based on a false assumption that they have no time, if you say you have no time it just shows that you do not have priorities, you must prioritise your time, make a list of the most important things in your life and allocate time for these aspects.

Priority List (1 hour each): Spirituality, Gym/Health, Entrepreneurship, Family, Personal Development/Reading. Total = 5 hours.

Do you not have five hours in your day, you do, so just stop the excuses, if you don’t take success seriously how do you expect to make progress, how do you expect to become successful. Get serious with yourself, if you want more then what you have, you have to be dedicated and disciplined, you must have your goals in mind and make the time and invest in activities that move you in the right direction.

People say they don’t have time, when people say that it just means they are not serious, you have time to sit around for five hours watching TV every single day, you can sit around playing video games all day long, people are busy doing nothing, people invest more time in failure then they do in success and that is a fact.

If you don’t get your priorities in order it just shows you don’t want this bad enough, maybe you’re just all talk, maybe you’re just lazy and you don’t realise, well the time has now come to step up to the winners table, bring your A game, because if you’re not putting in the time and effort everyday then you’re not going to see any changes take place in your life. So just cut out the excuses no one gives a damn, make time for what is important and take daily consistent action.

Those who are serious make success a priority.






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