You Are The Author of Your Life

You are the one who is solely in charge of your life, you hold the keys to your success, you can create the life of your dreams, you can live in whichever way you choose. People do not realise that they can dictate how they live, I never knew that I was capable of shaping the way I live until I became exposed to what is out there.

The job you work in, the way you live, the people you surround yourself with is all your choice, you are the creator of your life, so why not create the best possible life for you. There are some things which are destined for you, which you can not change or do anything about, however effort is something which you are in charge of, effort is something you put in, so make no excuses about destiny if you are not putting in any effort.

You are the author of your book, yesterday is gone, close that chapter and write a new chapter of success. Life is what you make of it, so make it the best and know that you have greatness within you that is waiting to be awakened.

Demand the best from yourself, raise the bar and push yourself, and stay consistent on this journey of awakening, we can get easily distracted and lose focus on the ultimate goal, if you don’t take a stand for your life, no one is going to give you anything, you must get up and create the life that you seek, we are all capable of achieving anything, it does not matter where you are, or who you are, you have everything within you to become the person you want to be.

Dream, believe, achieve. Live life to the limits.

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