Your Environment

Your environment shapes you, moulds you, and defines how you think about the world. Most people are blind to the fact that their environment is either helping them towards leading a successful life or an unsuccessful life. Your environment plays a major role in your success, the environment in which you are in has to be one that impacts you positively to dream more, to believe more and encourages you to take risks. Too many people live in negative environments where their family members have a losers mentality to success. You can not see what you are becoming unless you take a step back and evaluate how your environment is impacting you. People become like those whom they surround themselves with on a daily basis, and if your family are negative then you will become negative automatically, you will not even know that you have become like that, as you think it is normal.

Take a close look at your life, are you negative, do you not dream anymore, are you afraid to take risks, are you afraid of living your life on your own terms. If you come from a family of four for examples sake, how are the other three members of your family, are they dreamchasers, are they positive, and do they encourage you to reach for greater heights in life. We as humans have a tendency to believe others opinions as fact, when in fact they are just their opinions on life, don’t live your life based on other peoples lives, that’s¬†what they think, that’s what they see of the world, and that’s what they believe.

I urge you to take charge of your life and break free from negativity and live in a state of positive expectancy, and live your life with optimism. It does not matter how others live, just because most choose to give up on their dreams, it does not mean that you have to, it is their loss they wasted their life acting like a coward. No more average living, it’s time to step it up to a new level, you have control over how you want to live, your house may be filled with negative people but your room can be one in which a dreamer lives, attach positive quotes and pictures on your walls, place inspiring books on your desk, make your room a place of positivity¬†and creativity, and a place that inspires you to dream more and believe more.

Don’t let your environment kill your dreams, don’t let the people around you make you feel that you can’t become successful, and don’t live someone else’s life. Live your life and focus on what you want to achieve, I urge you to dream the impossible and live as a dreamchaser.

It does not matter where you come from, there can be no hope, no ambition, no passion, and no drive to succeed from those around you, that is irrelevant, you can create the life you want to live, but know that success is dependent on you becoming more, start to shape your destiny, move yourself away from how the majority around you live, and push yourself to achieve greatness, see yourself as victorious, and know that you can go from where you are, to where you want to be.

Your environment does not control you, step away from the mediocre people and step up to a life without limits, you must demand success from yourself and be driven to succeed. Dreams become a reality when we get up and put in the work every damn day, success is never given, it is earned. So get up and make things happen and start living life on your own terms, today.


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