Never Lower Your Standards

Never Lower Your Standards

We live in a world where the masses are so consumed by the life of mediocrity that they have lowered their expectations and belief in themselves. Don’t let other people’s standards, beliefs, and limits become your own. If the people around you do not want to step up their game then they have to go. Never lower your standards for those who don’t want to raise theirs. Set your standards sky high and aim for the top. Stop wasting time with people who have no ambition, no goals, no plans, no drive, no determination, and take no action. The people who you spend the most time with you will become like them. If the people around you are not serious about developing themselves and growing then stop wasting your time with them.

People who are serious about success are growing on a daily basis and they take action. Some people just love the bottom, these types of people don’t want to move from the low-level life they are in, they have given up and will most likely live the mediocre life forever. Cut these people out of your life slowly because they will hold you back from becoming the best that you can be. At the end of the day, it will be your fault if you do not reach your full potential and do all that you are able to do. You are in charge of your time and life, so use your time in a productive manner, go after big goals, the rewards and impact will be greater. Do not expect to do epic work with basic people.

The people who are around you should elevate your thinking, habits, character, mindset, and actions to a new level. These people should bring out the best in you and hold you to a higher standard so that you can achieve greatness.

Too many people are content with mediocrity, they have a lack of ambition and they do not take action on their dreams because they have become timidised by the world and have chosen to just settle for the life that they have stumbled into, as it is easier to be a slave in someone else’s dream rather than chase your own dreams. Believe in yourself and don’t be swayed into mediocrity by the crowd who do not know much about success but are experts on being average, the only opinion that matters is your own. Believe in yourself with confidence that you have within you the potential to achieve anything that you set your mind to.

You can achieve anything that you are willing to work for. There are no limits to what you can truly achieve if you make the sacrifices and have self-control. Focus on those key tasks that will move your life in the right direction and stop engaging in those things that add no value to your life. Your time is a limited resource that must be used productively to yield optimal returns. You will only harvest what you plant. You shall reap what you sow. If you do not reap success, it is because you did not do the work. Don’t make lies up about why you are not where you want to be, you’re not doing what champions are doing most probably, if you want to live like a winner, you must start acting like a winner.

High achievers are those individuals who are driven to succeed and they will do whatever it takes to get them to the top. Get up and chase your dreams or you can do nothing and be resigned to a life of mediocrity. Expect the best of yourself, do the best, work hard and make yourself proud. You are capable of amazing things. So let not the conditioning of the world make you a conformist, be a dreamchaser and chase your dreams.

I challenge you to raise your standards to a whole new level for the next 60 days. Focus on your priorities. Focus on your goals. Focus on the plans to achieve your goals. And get up and take action every single day. Grow more and learn more of the right things in the next 60 days. And persevere until you succeed. Don’t ever give up. Get on a new path of success. It’s time to know better, do better, and live the life that you know you can live. If others have done it so can you, so go boldly into your fears and live the life that you have imagined.

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“Never let anyone tell you that your standards are too high. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself.”


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  1. This was so amazing to read that I wanted you to know. THANK YOU so very much for the words to get myself back where i need to be. 🙂

  2. wow awesom i m glad to know that everything is in our belive we can do whatever we want nothing is impossible everything is possible because IMPOSSIBLE its self say I mpossible

  3. Hi Asad,
    My problem is that I start things and just never finish them. I am not consistent, I will plan and do all I have to do and start then after a while I slow down and end up stopping…

    • Hi Tee, in order to achieve something, you need to want to do it – set your heart to it. If you feel like you’re stopping too much, just remind yourself ‘YOU WANT TO DO IT, SO YOU CANNOT STOP’!

  4. Sir, your words are coming from your heart to directly my heart. A person who have experienced all this, can only write so deeply about this.

    Thanks for your inspiration words.


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