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35 Islamic Quotes On Jannah



35 Islamic Quotes On Jannah

Jannah is our true home, not this Dunya. This life is a test to see who is best in deeds. Jannah is the ultimate reward for those who do good in this life. Jannah is full of things the eye has never seen and things the mind has never comprehended. May these Islamic Quotes On Jannah inspire you to take action so that you may attain Jannah. In’sha Allah. اللَّهُمَّ إِنِّي أَسْأَلُكَ الْجَنَّةَ، وَمَا قَرَّبَ إِلَيْهَا مِنْ قَوْلٍ أَوْ عَمَلٍ، وَأَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنَ النَّارِ وَمَا قَرَّبَ إِلَيْهَا مِنْ قَوْلٍ أَوْ عَمَلٍ. Allaahumma innee as-aluka al – Jannah, wa maa qarraba ilayhaa min qawl aw ‘amal, wa Audhubika min an-Naar wa maa qarraba ilayhaa min qawl aw ‘amal. O Allaah, I ask of You for Paradise and that which brings me closer to it of statements or actions. And I seek refuge with You from the Hellfire and that which takes me closer to it of statements or actions. (Ibn Majah 2/327).

1. “Jannah – may we all meet there.” Anonymous

2. Imagine yourself at the door to Jannah.” Anonymous

3. “Life is too short to chase anything other than Jannah.” Boonaa Mohammed

4. “Jannah was created for sinners who repent.” Shaykh Kamal El Mekki

5. “Life is temporary but Jannah is forever.” Anonymous 

6. “To see Allah in Jannah. This is the definition of success.” Asad Meah

7. “Islam is my deen and Jannah is my dream.” Anonymous

8. “What can you do with me? My Jannah is in my heart! If you take me to jail, I will make zikr (remembrance) of Allah. If you exile me out of my land, I will make takaffur (reflection). If you execute me, I would be a shaheed. What can you do with me? Because I am not limited to this Dunya. I am living for al-akhirah!” Ibn-Taymiyyah

9. “Just remember, first step into Jannah and you’re going to forget everything you’re upset about.” Anonymous

10. “Allah says Jannah is awesome, imagine how awesome that is when the All-Knowing is calling it awesome.” Nouman Ali Khan 

11. “May Allah unite us in Jannah with those whom we love.” Anonymous

12. “Whoever asks Allah for Jannah three times, Jannah says: ‘O Allah, admit him into Jannah.” Tirmidhi 2572

13. “The best love is when you find someone who makes your Imaan rise, who makes you more pious and who helps you here in the Dunya because that person wants to meet you again in Jannah.” Anonymous

14. “Allah makes the way to Jannah easy for him who treads the path in search of knowledge.” Abu Hurairah

15. “Oh Allah, make us amongst the people of Jannah – Aameen.” Asad Meah 

16. “This is not Jannah. Dunya wasn’t meant to be perfect.” Hena Zuberi

17. “If you want Jannah you have to want it really bad, ask for it, and act by following Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).” Anonymous

18. “When I see them they remind me about Allah. When I sit with them my Imaan increases. When I speak to them my knowledge about Islam increases. They are the ones pushing me towards Jannah. They are my companions in this world and hereafter. Worth more than anything and everything this world can possibly offer.” Anonymous

19. “Let’s help each other to Jannah. Don’t pull others down as you go up. Instead, reach out a hand and help those who are down when you are up.” Anonymous

20. “Never underestimate a good deed, you don’t know which Hasanah will be your ticket to Jannah.” Muhammad Nusair

21. “If your parents are alive, be grateful at the opportunity to earn Jannah by serving them.” Nouman Ali Khan

22. “Imaan is your compass to Jannah.” Anonymous

23. “Ya Allah guide me all the way to your Jannah, Ya Allah don’t let me go astray.” Anonymous

24. “If you are looking for a spouse, look for the one who will take you to Jannah.” Anonymous

25. “Flee to Allah and fly to your freedom, my dear. Fly and don’t land on this restless Dunya, for he did not give you wings to get them tied up here, but reach Jannah.” Anonymous 

26. “What is love? When you want Jannah for someone just as badly as you want it for yourself.” Anonymous

27. “Do not sell your conscience before anything but Jannah.” Anonymous

28. “Mother was your door to this Dunya, mother will be your door to Jannah.” Anonymous

29. “There are as many ways to Jannah as there are human souls.” Anonymous

30. “Don’t just dream of Jannah, work for it.” Anonymous 

31. “Life is good but Jannah is better and everlasting.” Anonymous

32. “Our real goal should be Jannah.” Anonymous

33. “Never underestimate your potential for Jannah.” Boonaa Mohammed

34. “Oh Allah, show us the Way to Jannah.” Anonymous

35. “Survive every endeavor, drive past every obstacle, remember it is Jannah  you’re striving for.” Umar Khaled

I hope you enjoyed these Islamic Quotes On Jannah. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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