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35 Allah Quotes



35 Allah Quotes

Allah is God. He is the one true God but many people are not aware of that and even those who are aware do not show Him the gratitude and thankfulness He deserves. Allah is the Arabic word for God. To be a Muslim you have to testify that there is only one God, that is the first pillar of faith (Shahadah), the other pillars of faith are Prayer (Salat), Zakat (Charity), Fasting (Sawm), Pilgrimage (Hajj). Muslims worship the God of all the messengers of God, such as Adam, Nuh (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Sulaiman (Solomon), Dawud (David), Isa (Jesus), and Muhammad (peace be upon them all). Allah has 99 names, the names are also called 99 attributes of Allah. Allah is the Greatest. He is The Most Merciful, The Most Compassionate, The Most Gracious, The All-Loving, The Most-Loving. He is our Creator who we must worship so that we attain Paradise. This life is a test, Allah created us out of love and we will be recompensed on the Day of Judgement. May these Allah Quotes inspire you to love and worship Allah as He should be.

1. “Life is a journey from Allah to Allah.” Anonymous

2. “Allah comes first.” Anonymous

3. “It’s not luck or fate, it’s Allah’s perfect plan.” Anonymous

4. “Alhamdulillah – We are blessed by Allah in so many ways. Always remember that and be grateful.” Anonymous

5. “When Allah is by your side nothing is impossible.” Anonymous

6. “But Allah is your Protector and He is the best of helpers.” Quran 3:150

7. “People left but Allah is always with you.” Anonymous

8. “Allah is enough.” Quran 4:45

9. “Allah loves you for your sabr (patience) and shukr (thankfulness).” Anonymous

10. “Allah will help him who moves in the way of Allah.” Abu Bakr (RA)

11. “Indeed Allah is with those who patiently endure.” Quran 8:46

12. “If Allah wants to do good to somebody, He afflicts him with trials.” Bukhari 5645

13. “In trusting Allah, remember that what’s best for you might be what’s most painful.” Omar Suleiman

14. “Allah sometimes removes a person from your life for your own good, don’t run after them.” Anonymous

15. “Allah is the Protector of those who have faith: from the depths of darkness He will lead them forth into light.” Quran 2:257

16. “Not once did Allah say worry about it or stress over it He said trust me.” Anonymous

17. “Surely Allah loves the repenters.” Quran 2:222

18. “Allah guides whom He will. And He knows best those who are guided.” Quran 28:56

19. “You will never find true love until you first learn to love Allah.” Boona Mohammed

20. “Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return.” Quran 2:156

21. “Sufficient for us is Allah, and He is the best Disposer of affairs.” Quran 3:173

22. “If Allah guides you to remember Him it’s a sign that Allah loves you.” Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)

23. “When Allah pushes you to the edge, trust Him fully because only two things can happen. Either He will catch you or He will make you learn how to fly.” Anonymous

24. “The wisest among you is he whose sustenance is the fear of Allah.” Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (RA)

25. “Worldy life is very short, so turn to Allah before you return to Allah.” Anonymous 

26. “People have no idea how true the promise of Allah is. Put your trust in Allah, and He will see you through.” Nouman Ali Khan

27. “Everything I do is for the pleasure of Allah.” Yusuf Islam

28. “Allah will do His part but you must also do yours. Dua plus action leads to positive changes.” Asad Meah

29. “Are you really about that Islamic life? Allah knows who the true believers are – your actions prove what you’re really about, talk is cheap.” Asad Meah

30. “Be grateful that Allah blessed you with things you did not even ask for.” Anonymous 

31. “Whoever does good deeds for the sake of the Hereafter, Allah will amend for him his affairs in this world.” Anonymous

32. “The heart that beats for Allah is always a stranger among the hearts that beat for the dunya (world).” Anonymous

33. “Indeed Allah loves those that rely upon Him.” Quran 3:159

34. “My success is only by Allah.” Quran 11:88

35. “Love of Allah is the power of the heart, the sustenance of the heart, the light of the heart.” Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya

I hope you enjoyed these Allah Quotes. Do let us know which one was your favorite in the comments section below.

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  1. Quamar Ashraf

    October 24, 2019 at 3:59 am

    Nice quotes,keep it up.

    • Asad Meah

      October 24, 2019 at 12:45 pm

      Glad you enjoyed the article Quamar

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