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Tim Han’s 3 Proven Methods For Gaining Self-Discipline

Tim Han's 3 Proven Methods For Gaining Self-Discipline

Tim Han, an entrepreneur, high-performance coach, online marketing expert, and international speaker shares his 3 proven methods for gaining self-discipline. Use his advice to elevate your life to a whole new level.

“One of the traits I notice from hanging around with millionaires as well as billionaires is that they’re all able to self-control themselves and stay incredibly disciplined in whatever they do.”

“Discipline is one of the biggest keys to success.”

“It’s a habit you will see and a trait you will see amongst incredibly successful people out there.”

“I was far from disciplined a few years ago when I was hanging around in a gang and smoking weed, the alarm clock was non-existent.”

“I know what it’s like to procrastinate. I know what it’s like to feel depressed, not wanting to do anything.”

“I managed to get out of that rut by using these three traits that allowed me to do that.”

“So if you actually take action on what I’m going to say, I can assure you that you’re going to start getting results.”

“I truly believe it’s all about learning from people who have actually been at where you used to be and actually managed to get themselves out.”

“Once you’re more disciplined in your life you actually start living more of a fulfilled life because discipline allows you to have more freedom in your life.”

“Discipline is the ability to self-control your primitive base desires.”

“We are designed to survive and replicate, so that is why people give into their primitive desires at times as they do not know any better. That is the behavior of average people.”

“Average people don’t know how to control their mind, and they don’t have this knowledge about primitive desires in regards to why they procrastinate and hit the snooze button, it is because it’s just us as human beings, it’s natural.

“Every one of us, even those who are striving to be successful are aware of the fact that our mind is going to push us the other way.”

“Our mind wants us to hit the snooze button. Our mind wants to push the work aside and let us rest. But it’s the people who are able to self-control themselves, they are the ones who make it big.”

“Here are the 3 points that will literally change your life if you force it on yourself.”

“The first thing I did was to change my identity. And the biggest reason for that is because your behavior will never deviate from the internal mapping.”

“The strongest force in human psychology is the need to remain congruent with how you identify yourself.”

“So how you view yourself right now, guess what? You’re going to act in accordance to exactly that. If you view yourself as a procrastinator, you’re going to procrastinate. However, if you view yourself as a productive entrepreneur, that is what you will be.”

“The purpose of a goal is not to achieve the goal. The purpose of a goal is to see who you must become in order to achieve that goal.”

“Every goal is going to shape you into the person you’re going to be. Every goal is going to change you positively.”

“Think about that. Think about the goals you’ve achieved in the past. Did it change you? Of course. Your mind shifted.”

“Every goal is going to change you and the question is, who are you right now, without your name?”

“What labels have you enforced on yourself? What stick-it notes must you take off? Your identity is literally like stick-it notes.”

“Throw away the negative labels that you have attached to yourself and attach the positive ones that you want, and affirm those to yourself every single morning. Who are you? Well, I’m a fearless entrepreneur who eats uncertainty for breakfast.”

“If you keep affirming to yourself those positive affirmations/labels to yourself you’re going to become that. That is what I did eight years ago when I used to view myself as a stoner, lazy ass, and violent.”

“I viewed myself as shy and anxious, and I was just acting in accordance to that.”

“You have to realize that you’ll never deviate from the internal mapping, therefore you must change the internal mapping.”

“You must change how you view yourself in order to stay more self-disciplined.”

“So decide who you must become in order to achieve that goal and become that person in advance. That will allow you to actually achieve that goal.”

“Millionaires become millionaires. The only way you’re going to become successful is to become that successful person right now.”

“You must think, act, and behave like a millionaire in order to become a millionaire.”

“Second point is about setting a big forfeit. The reason being is that human beings are twice as motivates to avoid pain than they are to seek pleasure.”

“Therefore, the way you can actually influence yourself to be more disciplined is to actually attach a lot of pain to not achieving that goal.”

“Work out what you must achieve every week and set a huge forfeit that scares the hell out of you. What forfeit can you put on yourself if you don’t achieve what you set out to achieve that week that you must pay.”

“The more pain you attach, the more likely you can achieve those goals.”

“Use the power of forfeit; the pain and pleasure principle.”

“Also, set up what happens if you actually achieve your goals. You should reward yourself when you do something good. You must reward your subconscious mind when it’s doing something good. And then it will say, wow I’m getting treated now, so I must act like that more.”

“So set a big forfeit because you’re more likely to stay self-disciplined.”

“Third point is all about accountability, this is a huge thing when it comes to self-discipline.”

“The more people you tell in whatever you want to achieve, the more likely you’re going to achieve it. It’s honestly so powerful when it comes to achieving goals.”

“That is why coaching is so powerful, that is why I really recommend getting a coach. To hold you accountable, who can basically work out your internal mapping that can help you in assisting in mastering your life. That’s what really helped me transform my life.”

“Having a coach that holds me accountable towards my actions and being part of a mastermind that I’m currently in, it really make me take action.”

“It’s about the law of conformity. Being in a mastermind pushes me to achieve my goals for the weeks/months as they hold you to a higher standard or you will be most likely kicked out because you didn’t take any action.”

“Law of conformity, you will do what other people do. So your level of net-worth will rarely exceed your level of network.”

“So it’s really about finding your friends who are go-getters. As a motivational speaker said ‘Show me your friends and I will show you your future’.”

“So find serious friends that can hold you accountable or get a coach that can hold you accountable. Tell them exactly what you want to achieve and I can assure you that you will feel more motivated as a result.”

“Find a strategy of you setting yourself up to win. Find a way that you can set yourself up to win in advance.

“Really start self-controlling yourself and you will start to see more results. The key to success is discipline.”

“Follow your heart and take action and go live the life you were born to live.”







My name is Asad Meah, I am the CEO & Founder of AwakenTheGreatnessWithin. I am a dreamchaser who has gained a wealth of knowledge in entrepreneurship and personal development over the past five years through self-education. My mission is to inspire millions of people to become entrepreneurs by awakening their minds to their greatness that resides within them.

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Success Advice

How To Achieve Success?



How To Achieve Success?

How To Achieve Success?

Success can be defined in many ways; it can be happiness for one person and wealth for another. It can be peace for one and respect for another. Everyone can define success in their own way, but in general, it is a feeling of satisfaction and happiness. 

Throughout life, we have a hunger to achieve greatness. The more we achieve the better life becomes. There are plenty of opportunities in this world. If you have a dream to succeed and achieve something special in this life, you need to put in the work, because without action, nothing is possible. The majority of people only dream to succeed, while a small minority work hard to achieve their dreams. To attain success, you need to sacrifice many things, this is how the successful people in this world achieved their greatness.

We need to understand how to achieve success. To do this, we need to break down what success means. The best way to do this is by understanding and analyzing successful people. Successful people in this world emulated and followed the footsteps of other successful people. For example, there is a pattern with successful people. Many successful people wake up early. They spend their time wisely throughout the day, reading and gaining knowledge. This is key to success, while keeping a good balance in life is also vital in achieving success. 

Quotes On Success

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” Steve Jobs

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” Walt Disney

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” Bruce Lee

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” Jim Rohn

5 Great Pointers On Achieving Success 

Follow Your Passion

Success does not come overnight, it takes a lot of hard work and passion to reach the desired goal and dream. It requires strong dedication, hard work, constant improvement, and sometimes luck. If you are not doing what you love, then you are bound to give up and fail. Only those who have a great passion for something they love, will continue, and strive hard to move on and achieve greatness. It should be something you are willing to sacrifice and dedicate your life to. Every day, every week, and every hour of the day should be dedicated to achieving your goals and dreams. 

Find The Correct Balance

Life is all about finding the right balance. When you find the right balance, only then will you see success around you and within you. Balance your time, spend time with your family and friends. Allocate time to achieving your goals and targets. Look after your health, exercise, and eat well. Life is all about finding a balance. Do not sacrifice one thing for another. It is important to find the right balance in life.  

Establish A Routine

Routines are vital when you are trying to succeed. We are taught from a young age the importance of keeping a good routine in life because without a routine you will be a mess and it will become harder for you to do well in achieving your goals and targets. For example, people who have a job, working for a company, these companies have strict routines in place. The reason for this is so that the company performs well and becomes more successful. Even in our daily lives, without routine we will be all over the place. It is proven that a person who has no routine in life, is a person who is very lazy, a time waster and someone who has no goals and ambition in life. Therefore, we should strive to have good routines in our life, as this will lead us to have a better life. 

Learn From Your Mistakes

Successful people have failed many times. It is inevitable unless you are an extremely lucky person, where everything works out for you. But, when starting off, the first few steps are the hardest. Many people who have achieved great things have failed on many occasions. There are many obstacles in front of you that blocks you from reaching the next stage of success. For example, there are many entrepreneurs who have failed in many businesses, until that one business that has made them successful. Without failures and mistakes, we as humans will never learn, therefore make as many mistakes as you can, as these mistakes will lead you to gain more experience and knowledge in achieving your goals and dreams. 

Find Support And Resources

Find yourself a mentor, you need someone who can point you in the right direction to achieve greatness. With the correct help and support, you can achieve even better than you would do by yourself. If a mentor is not available, try reaching out to others in your field. Find people who have already achieved what you plan to achieve, and try and get as much information from them as possible so that you can reach that level of success one day. Networking is important to become successful and bigger in what you are trying to accomplish. Reaching out to people will allow you to grow further. It will allow you to find out information that you did not even know you needed. Therefore, speaking out and finding the right support and resources will push you to the next level. 


To summarize, to achieve success, you must be wise and bold. A person who does not try and is lazy in life will go nowhere. You cannot just dream and expect everything to fall perfectly in front of you. You must work hard to get results. We should analyze those who have achieved greatness, by following in their footsteps. Only then can we crawl, walk, and then achieve our own success. Remember, success does not come overnight, it begins with baby steps, and when you are established, you will see the greatest successes. 

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Success Advice

How To Switch To Self-Love – Your Secret SuperPower



How To Switch To Self-Love - Your Secret SuperPower

How To Switch To Self-Love – Your Secret SuperPower from Ralph Smart of Infinite Waters (Diving Deep). This was an excellent talk about the importance of self-love and it’s relevance to success. Take this information and implement it so that you can live life a life of self-love.

1. Self-love is the secret gateway to becoming your greatest version.

2. Without self-love you won’t go far.

3. Self-love has changed my life in a phenomenal way. It’s helped me connect with millions of people living infinite abundance.

4. And there was a time when I didn’t love myself, look, nobody teaches us how to love ourselves, why it’s important to love ourselves, what are the benefits of loving yourself. No, they don’t teach you that, that’s why a lot of us are really confused.

5. Practicing the art of self-love is a lifelong process. I mean every single day.

6. And it starts with this, stop caring what other people think.

7. We want to be accepted so therefore we spend our whole entire lives trying to conform to other people’s standards instead of creating our own.

8. Other people’s beauty standards. Their body standards – I want to look like that Ralph, it’s not fair.

9. So, what helped me along my journey was to stop trying to live by other people’s standards.

10. Instead, I had to learn how to live by my own standards and you do this simply by surrendering, it’s not about competing – I want to be like them, that’s a disrespect towards yourself.

11. You want to become your greatest version, your, not me, for you. Do it for you. Right, and it’s such a weight off your shoulders.

12. I just started to realize I’ve got to start creating my own standards. Living in my own standards of beauty. Accepting my body how it is, the shape of my face. I love it all. And that’s how to begin to love yourself.

13. Stop trying to fit in when you were born to stand out.

14. Ok, how many weird people do you know? That is how to switch to self-love. Weird people aren’t weird, that’s just what we call them. Weird people are unique. That’s why they stand out.

15. And have you ever noticed that when you find someone who is very unique, it almost allows you to be yourself? You feel comfortable around them because you’re like they’re so weird well I’m going to be weird anyway. Then you fall into the true authentic you.

16. Spend time with unique people who don’t care about copying other people, they are original, they love who they are 100%. And I do it all the time, I meet a lot of very very weird people every single day, well, I’m Diving Deep and it’s beautiful.

17. I have to always honor my uniqueness. You won’t find another Infinite Waters, if you do, they’re a clone.

18. When we talk of Self-love, I’ve realized this that you’ve got to go to the place where you find your greatest power, that’s what helped me along my journey.

19. I realized, for a long time I was living a very very harmful lifestyle because I wasn’t practicing self-love, I wasn’t doing what I love every single day, I was in the wrong environment, the wrong friends, I was following the wrong crowd. If you’re doing all of that it’s going to be very hard to love yourself

20. But when you go to the place where you find your greatest power. Skate every day like me. You’re in the seat of your power, you are in the throne. Whether you be a makeup artist or scientist, you do that every single day, go into the lab, you are in the seat of your power. That’s how to practice the art of self-love.

21. You go to the place of your greatest empowerment every single day. I’m always in nature. I’m in the art gallery. I’m doing what I love. I get to wake up and do whatever I want and live in infinite abundance. You think I’m complaining?

22. You can’t love other people until you love yourself. And not caring what other people think is the greatest form of self-love.

The above information was just over 7 minutes of the video.

This is amazing information from Ralph.

Check out the full video:

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Success Advice

5 Powerful Things Successful People Do Differently



5 Powerful Things Successful People Do Differently

Many people believe that a successful life is just a matter of luck, and leave everything to their destiny to decide whether or not they will be successful.

On the other hand, what many people are unaware of is that successful people have certain habits that separate them from ordinary people.

These people are more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. They are self-conscious and know how to turn a losing moment into a winning moment. They are motivated, disciplined and consistent. Above all, they are not made through just a matter of luck.

Here are five powerful things successful people do differently.

1. Turn Their Passion Into A Full-Time Profession

It’s obvious that if you are doing the things that you don’t love you soon get fed up with your work and fail to give your maximum at your workplace. You will be less focused, procrastinate more, feel tired, make more excuses and hence your input will reflect your output.

Successful people do what they love. They give priority to their interests over wealth or respect. Almost all the artists, sportspersons and entrepreneurs are underpaid at first. No matter how bad the circumstances, they worked consistently and devoted their heart and soul into their work. They looked for ways to increase their revenue and transformed their passion into a full-time profession.

If you want to be successful, give priority to your passion and think of ways to make it your full-time job. Then you will be happier and have a more meaningful life.

2. Setting Priorities

Millions of people fail every year not because they do not have aspirations but because they fail to set priorities. They try to do a lot of things at once, rather than focusing on one important task. They are brilliant at achieving not-so-important goals, and poor at reflecting on the necessary task.

Successful people think otherwise. They cut-off all the distractions and pick the toughest task first. They work outside their comfort zone to complete the difficult tasks.

3. Continuously Reinforce The Foundation

Every profession has some key skills which form the foundation. If the skills are not harnessed continuously, it will affect your whole business career. Successful people are smart enough to find the key skills of their profession and spend the maximum amount of time and money in developing those areas.

They read books, attend seminars, and meet like-minded people. Some top performers also hire a coach to become exceptionally good at what they love to do.

To get the maximum output you can follow the 3% rule of investment. The rule says that if you spend 3% of your income in self-education, you will see yourself outperforming 90% of the people around you.

4. Goal Setting

Everyone talks about goal setting. Why is it so? Because it’s a roadmap. If you do not know how to reach your destination then most certainly you will never be able to reach it. Goal setting works as a roadmap to success, and it’s the common trait that all successful people follow. Here are the phenomenal benefits of goal setting.

  • You’ll have a clear vision on what to do today, tomorrow, and next month if you already know about your destination in detail.
  • Clarity in decision-making abilities.
  • You will start finding new ways to reach your goals in the minimum amount of time and money.
  • Studies have shown that reviewing your goals every day improves motivation in an unexpected way.
  • People who have goals have a high self-image of themselves. High self-image results in increased productivity and confidence.
  • Goal setting leads to a more meaningful life.

5. Dealing With Uncertain Moments

Where people are afraid of taking risks, successful people not only take risks but also develop their risk-taking muscle within themselves so that they can fight against the uncertain moments (fight or flight).

A successful life is not determined through massive luck but through the courage to take big risks. Challenges and opportunities come along with a certain amount of risk.

While ordinary people avoid risk due to ‘fear of failure‘, successful people continuously overcome one uncertain moment after another to achieve personal and professional excellence.


The biggest enemy or obstacle on your path to success is a negative mindset or the perception that you need to be born into wealth, and extremely lucky. Well, that is not the case. Most successful people are not born into wealth or born lucky. They tried new things, made mistakes, learned and made their way through the journey to success.

If you want to be successful, make sure that you are doing what you love, setting priorities and removing clutter and distractions from your everyday life, enhancing your key skills, setting clear and in-detailed goals, taking risks and dealing with uncertain moments with a positive mindset.

What’s your mindset towards a successful life? Share your views in the comments below.

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