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How To Have A Wealthy Mindset: 6 Lessons Learned From Billionaire P.A



How To Have A Wealthy Mindset: 6 Lessons Learned From BillionairePA

One day I was scrolling through Instagram searching the hashtag #southbeach and Billionaire P.A came up. After scrolling through his page, I instantly sent him a message asking him if I could meet up with him in 30 minutes. To my surprise, he said yes so, I grabbed some of my best friends and took an Uber to South Beach! After we arrived we ended up going out to lunch and ever since then we have kept in touch.

For those of you who don’t know who he is, BillionairePA is CEO of Wealthy Minds, Inc. He’s been featured on NBC, CBS Radio, Ebony, BET, The Steve Harvey Morning Show and many others. Before he became BillionairePA and awakening the minds of people all over the world. He was broke, had two felonies, and spent 63 days living out of a truck where he wrote quotes that turned negative thoughts into positive inspiration.

Some famous quotes of Billionaire P.A include:

“If people aren’t calling you crazy, your dream ain’t big enough.” Billionaire P.A

“If you have less money in the bank than you have followers on Instagram, you need to get you a new group of friends.” Billionaire P.A

“Never spend your present time with someone you don’t have a future with.” Billionaire P.A

 “It’s okay for your pockets to be broke, just make sure your mind makes sense.” Billionaire P.A

His mission is to travel the world inspiring over 1 billion people to speak their dreams into existence. Determined to change the world, Billionaire P.A. will inspire you to “Talk less. Execute more.” He will motivate you to “Speak Your Dreams into Existence” and encourage you to develop a ‘Wealthy Mind’.

It’s important to note that just like motivation, it’s hard to keep a wealthy mindset. I asked him what are some lessons you have learned about developing and keeping a wealthy mindset?

Here’s what he said:

Lesson #1 – Use Discipline

Discipline is one of the greatest factors in having a wealthy mindset. As you earn more income, you must discipline yourself to live within your means, save 10% of your income and do not overspend your wealth. At the end of the day, it’s not about what you make. It’s about what you keep.

Lesson #2 – Practice Contentment

A major reason why so many people are losing their wealth to interest rates, creditors and debt is because they’re ‘keeping up with the Joneses’. We continually spend money on things we want, not things we need, and this leads to discontentment and overspending that slowly erodes our wealth. Learn to practice contentment – which is being satisfied with what you have right now – and you’ll see your wealth increase.

Lesson #3 – Stand In Generosity

Give generously to the poor. Feed the homeless and clothe the widow. Are we being faithful with the money we’ve been blessed with? Be faithful in the way you manage your money, so you’ll be blessed right back.

It’s important to remember that you need to take action with anything that you do, especially when trying to develop a wealthy mind. The next three lessons really focus on taking action.

Lesson #4 – Get Clear On Your Goals

If you don’t have a clear understanding of your goals, then you’ll never know when you’ve reached success. Get a solid understanding of what your success looks like so you clearly see the finish line.

Lesson #5 – Create An Action Plan To Achieve It

Reaching for a dream without a clear strategy is like throwing spaghetti on the wall, hoping that something sticks. Don’t waste your energy with strategies that don’t work. Do your research and find the right strategy to achieve your goal. Mentors who have already accomplished your goal are a great way to do this.

Lesson #6 – Take Action Every Day

Procrastination is one of the greatest roadblocks to success. The ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ mentality is what keeps 98% of people from achieving the goals they’ve set in life.

The secret is to take action today. Put in 30 minutes of solid work today. Don’t put off making that phone call or writing those pages or recording the YouTube videos.

Do the work today. And then tomorrow, do the work tomorrow.

That is having a wealthy mindset!

“Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

Billionaire P.A

Check out the excellent motivational speech from Billionaire P.A:


My name is Jourdain Bell, I am the CEO & Co-Founder of a Beast Media. I help Professional Athletes, Music Artists, Influencers, and Entrepreneurs that are making a difference or impact get their message out through Personal Branding & PR.

Fortune favours the brave
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